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What did supporters believe a national bank would help to boost the economy of US. They believed that this would be done through the regulation policies that would be set up for the private banks.

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it would reduce the economys reliance on gold

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Q: What did supporters believe a national bank would do for th US?
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What were pet banks?

Pet Banks were the banks created by Andrew Jackson within the states. When he eliminated the national bank, he called for the Federal funds to go to state banks, which caused an issue to the supporters of the National Bank.

What is the breed of National Bank Horse?

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What did Federalists believe in?

They believed innational banks.

What is the swift routing code of First National Bank for an international bank transfer?

i believe it is 70satang

Why did hamilton believe it was necessary tof the US to have a national bank?

It would curb inflation and make the dollar more stable for trade

Which master card starts with 5258?

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What bank was president Jackson against?

I believe it was the National bank of the U.S. or something along those lines.

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Is the national bank of Greece the ethniki trapeza?

The Answer is Yes And NO. But it's an understandable confusion. If you take the word "ethniki" in the Generic meaning to indicate the same thing as "the Bank of England" being the national bank of England, then the answer is NO. We would then would talk about the "Bank of Greece". On the other hand, there is The ETHNIKI TRAPEZA, (and this translates national bank), but its a bank just like any other bank same as HBOS or RBS etc, would be.

Did both Alexander hamilton and thomas Jefferson believe the nation needed a national bank and a national mint?

First of all Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton had two very different views on many things. Thomas Jefferson was a republican, the majority of republicans and republican supporters weren't that wealthy. Alexander Hamilton was a federalist and believed wealthy educated people should lead the count. So naturally they would be divided on almost everything. No surprise here but Thomas Jefferson thought the National bank was unconstitutional. Hamilton thought the bank would benefit the country and it was a part of his financial plan. For more information go to Hope this helped!