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Q: What did the Metis demand from the Canadian government?
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Were The Metis attempting to set up an independent government of their own?

They set up a provisional government, a temporary government that would run the area until the Metis' problems with the Canadian government were solved.

The difference between the Metis Bill of rights and the Manitoba Act?

the bill of rights is to let the metis have the rights of everyone else the Manitoba act created Manitoba

Was Louis Riel a Metis?

Yes he was. His mother was French Canadian and his father was Metis. That would make him Metis

What was the Metis Rebellion?

The Metis Rebellion was when the Metis People in Canada fought for their rights and freedom, fighting because the Canadian Government was not treating them well. it was also known as the Red River Rebellion. I've attached a link to a good website for more detailed.

What was Louis riel's goal?

i came here for this to be answered. he wanted to help give the Metis people rights, as opposed to the Canadian Government.

Did Louis riel have any accomplishements?

He led all the metis to protest against the government to get there own rights Louis riel is a important Canadian hero.

What are the Metis people's voting rights?

today, the Metis people have as much right to vote as any other Canadian citizen.

How did riel help the metis?

Because they were his people, he fought for their language and territory and freedom. His father was the former leader of the metis so louis took over.

Is There an Indian Tribe Metis?

metis is a tribe that the first nations and the government organized together.

Why did Louis riel like the metis?

Louis Riel was of mixed French-Canadian and Indigenous descent, so he identified strongly with the Métis people who shared his mixed heritage. He championed Métis rights and led a resistance movement to protect Métis land and culture from encroachment by the Canadian government.

What is a Canadian who speaks French and English termed?

A Canadian who speaks both French and English is termed as bilingual or a Francophone.

What are some Reasons the metis people in the region were unhappy with the Canadian government?

Because the Canadians were being very unfair to them, taking their land, starting racial prejudice, throwing them into poverty, killing their families, and killing their leaders (thanks to John A. MacDonald, a Canadian "hero").