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to become free and independent states

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Q: What did the declaration of independence allow the American colonie to do?
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Where is the Declaration of Independence located?

The Declaration of Independence is a separate document that announced to England that the colonies didn't want to be ruled by Parliament. It led to the Revolutionary War and when that was over, the Articles of the Confederacy and then the Constitution were written over the next several years. Both, in my opinion, are beautifully written and are very clear in their intent.

Which sentence describes a factor that motivated American colonists to declare their independence from the British?

Great Britain taxed the colonies but did not allow them to participate in politics.

Where are examples in the Declaration that point to a new perception of the relationship between colonists and Great Britain?

The Declaration of Independence states the American colonies are an independent country, and should be addressed as an independent country. This lets the king, Parliament, and British subjects know, they are no longer considering themselves as a part of Britain. Also, although it was pretty hypocritical for a country that allowed slavery, the document declares that 'all men are created equal.' This implies the colonies are no longer willing to allow themselves to be ruled over by a king and Parliament they already consider themselves to be equal to.

Did Britain agree to the Declaration of Independence?

Federalist such as: Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Jay were in favor of the Constitution. Anit-federalists such as: Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams wanted a Bill of Rights added on to the Constitution, so a compromise was made and the Bill of Rights was added.

Why did the American federation of labor weaken in the 1920s?

It did not allow African Americans to join.

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What did the declaration of independence allow the colonies to do?

to become free and independent states

What did the declaration of independence allow the Americans colonies to do?

to become free and independent states

Did the authors of the declaration of the independence get in trouble by the king for writing the declaration?

yes they did,but they didn't allow the decaloration of independence go through for a while. THen the king gave up and allowed it.

Which colonie did not allow slavery until 1751?


The Declaration of Independence says that the government gets its power to act from the consent of the governed What action does the Declaration of Independence allow if the government abuses its p?

the people can set up a new government

Which enlighenment idea was part of the declaration of independence?

Government should exist only if the people allow it

What does the word quartering mean in the context of the declaration of independence?

As in the quartering of soldiers? Being forced to provide a place for soldiers to stay- we throw you out of your house (or part of it) and allow soldiers to stay there.

What statement was not intended in the Declaration of Independence?

One of the complaints of the Declaration of Independence was the fact the Britain did not allow the colonies to establish a Judiciary Branch. Once independence was won, this branch was entered into the Constitution and would become the Supreme Court, which is one of the strongest parts of the governmental branches. The Framers never intended for the Judicial Branch to be the strongest, but rather the weakest.

Why did the thirteen colonies want indpendence?

The three reasons why the American Colonists wanted to be independent, can be found within the Declaration of Independence. The people wanted the right and freedom of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. King George III, and Parliament were not about to allow the colonists to enjoy such wonderful and precious things.

Which Enlightenment idea was part of the Declaration of Independence?

Government should exist with the consent of the people.

What actions does the declaration of independence allow if the government abuses its power?

The people have the right to over throw the government if it abuses its power. ~ yeah i know the answer (;

Why did Britain not allow the US to have independence?

Because they wanted the American's to pay off the debt from The French and Indian War, so they "trapped" them.