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They hoped to form religious communities in the new land.


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Q: What did the puritans hope to accomplish?
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What did John Winthrop accomplish as leader of thr puritans?

he let them eat the cheese

What did Lahore Resolution hope to accomplish?

they hope to accomplish Independence I think?

What did African American hope to accomplish with their freedom suits?

They hope to accomplish eating bananas.

What did the Puritans hope to do to the Church of England?

The puritans wanted to purify the catholic church of the Quakers

What did the Lahore Resolution hope to accomplish?

they hope to accomplish Independence I think?

Puritans from England were among the first Europeans to settle in America What did the Puritans hope to have in the New World that they did not have in England?

Micheal Jackson.

When did the puritans land near cape of good hope?

In 1620

What did the north hope to accomplish in the battle of cold harbor?

The North hoped to accomplish several things there.

What were the puritans trying to accomplish with the halfway covenant?

The Puritans implemented the Halfway Covenant to address declining church membership and promote religious participation among second-generation colonists. It allowed partial church membership for those who hadn't experienced a conversion experience, encouraging more people to stay connected to the church and maintain a sense of community and religious identity.

How did god use persecution in England to accomplish His will for the new England colonies?

The persecution in England made the king want to give the Puritans a new place to live for peace on both sides of the argument, and the Puritans made new colonies and stuff

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