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It helped the economy and boosted the agriculture

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John C. Calhoun was elected to the U.S Congress and soon became one of its leaders. He supported the need for a strong central government and also spoke out against sectionalism. But his mind set soon changed. He became a champion of state's rights. This caused Jackson and Calhoun to conflict over the issue of state's rights. The issue of internal improvements was one of the issues that pulled sections apart. The Northeast and West wanted tariff's to back up the government's spending. However, the South hated this tariff and called it the Tariff of Abomination. The tariff hit the South Carolinas especially hard because their economy wasn't in the best shape. Calhoun understood the Carolina's farmers because he was once one himself. He wanted to find a way to keep South Carolina from leaving the Union. His solution was the doctrine of nullification. As a state, South Carolina had the right to nullify a law that they find unconstitutional. This then led to the Webster-Hayne debate, which was over the doctrine of nullification. Although Jackson opposed the doctrine, he didn't want to drive the South out of the Union. The tariff was reduced its rate, but it was still too high. Because of this, the South threatened secession from the Union if the federal government tried to collect tariffs. This enraged Jackson and he made it clear that he would use force to see that Federal Laws were obeyed and the Union was preserved.

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Q: What did the tariff of abominations have on sectional differences in Andrew Jackson's America?
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It helped the economy and boosted the agriculture

What did the tariff of abominations have on Andrew Jackson's America?

It helped the economy and boosted the agriculture

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