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Q: What did the use of the poll taxes Affect?
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What groups use of poll taxes affect?

Poor whites and African Americans. -Apex

States could not use poll taxes to deny a person the right to vote according to which amendent?

The 24th Amendment to the United States Constitution bars the use of poll taxes. This makes it illegal in all states to use poll taxes and the non-payment of such taxes to keep anyone from voting. The amendment therefore stops any and all use of poll taxes.

What did southerner whites use to disenfranchise African Americans after the civil war?

poll taxes and literacy tests

How did the 24th Amendment affect African American voting rights?

Amendment 24 of the U.S. Constitution provided more opportunity for African - Americans to vote by barring Poll Taxes, a tax that must be paid by anyone wishing to cast a vote.

How did poll taxes work?

Depends. In the UK people use poll taxes as a station a some people even use them as money stations. They work by the Government and PMs and MPs seeing how much people and how much money the people have to pay the poll stations. Some people even never pay poll taxes! That makes them stupid people!

What was prohibited under the Twenty-fourth Amendment?

The 24th amendment prohibited poll taxes

Why do poll taxes hurt low income citizens?

Low income citizens cannot afford to pay the poll taxes. If they don't pay poll taxes, they can't vote. Incidentally, poll taxes have been outlawed in the United States.

The use of poll taxes affected what?

Poor whites and African Americans. -Apex

Which group did poll taxes affect?

Poll taxes primarily affected African Americans in the southern United States during the Jim Crow era. These taxes were used as a means to disenfranchise and prevent African Americans from voting by requiring them to pay a fee in order to cast their vote.

States could not use poll taxes to deny a person the right to vote according to which amendment?

The 24th Amendment stated poll taxes could not be used to deny a person the right to vote.

How did the twenty-fourth amendment help African Americans?

by eliminating poll taxes

The use of poll taxes as a method to disenfranchise voters was based on what factor?

Economic Status