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to declare war on britian

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Q: What did the war hawks pressure the president to do?
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What four things did the war hawks favor?

The War Hawks favored, war, pressuring the president into sex, money, and porn stars

Why did hawks support president lyndon B Johnsons war policy?

Hawks believed Vietnam was a crucial front in the Cold War

Why were they called war hawks?

War Hawks only focused on war. They even pressured the president to declare war against Britan.

What group convinced president James Madison to go to war with England in 1812?

The war hawks right

Were hawks against war?

Hawks or "war hawks" are usually for going to war.

What war was fought when James Madison was president?

James Madison was President when the War of 1812 was fought. He was not a leader among the War Hawks who favored war but eventually he came to agree with them that war was inevitable and he did ask Congress to declare war on Britain.

Who was the main war hawk in congress?

They were called War Hawks, And Included Henry Clay. The War Hawks Convinced Congress And President James Madison To Go To War. This Was In 1812-answered by a 5th graderP.S im smart but not a nerd so dont make fun of me

The war hawks members of Congress who encouraged President Madison to go to war with Britain were led by?

Henry Clay and John C. Calhoun.

what kind of trait did the war hawks have to the US?

War hawks are belligerent.

Who were the war hawks led by?

The leader of the War Hawks was Henry Clay

Can you give a sentence using the words War Hawks?

their was a war with hawks

In the political arena eagles hawks doves are those who adamantly oppose war and doves hawks eagles are those who strongly support war?

doves are anti-war and hawks are pro-war doves;hawks