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second continental congress

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Q: What differed from militias in that it was made up of mostly full time soldiers?
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Who differed from militias in that it was made up of mostly full-time soldiers?

The Continental Army differed from militias as it was composed mainly of professional soldiers who served full-time during the American Revolutionary War. Militias, on the other hand, consisted of part-time or volunteer citizen-soldiers who were called to service as needed.

Who differed militias in that it was made up of full-time soldiers?

Stupid Kdub

Who differed from militias in that it was made up of full time soldiers?

Stupid Kdub

What were differences between the English soldiers and the colonial militia soldiers?

The British soldiers typically came from the mainland UK (although some did come from other colonies). They were full-timers, who soldiered for a living. The militias were raised from local residents, who served on a part-time basis.

What was it like in the soldiers hospital?

full of soldiers

What did the English army consist of?

The british army consists of full time soldiers. The soldiers are full time once they volunteer.

The second wave of feminism differed from the first wave because modern wanted what?

voting rights, as well as full equality

What are civilian soldiers?

Ordinary citizens who serve for a limited time as soldiers, rather than becoming full-time professional soldiers.

Did Athens have a full-time army?

yes they had about 1000 foot soldiers

What role did Spartans play in ancient Greece?

full time profesional soldiers

What is the defionition of a regular army?

a standing army composed of full time soldiers

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