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People driven from their homeland are called exiles. They are found all over North America.

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Q: What do you call people driven from their homeland?
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What was driven from much of its homeland both during and after the American Revolution?


How do the Jewish people refer to to the dispersing of the diaspora?

Jewish people call it the exile from their homeland or in Hebrew Galut (גלות).

Why did the Aztecs call themselves the people of the sun?

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Why were Acadians driven from their homeland?

The British evicted them from their land therefore they were sent to the british colonies.

What groups was driven from much of its homeland both during and after the American Revolution?

Native Americans

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they now call it mikmakik, but the word mikmaq is influenced by the french, so it could have been L'nukik since the mikmaq called themselves lnu

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The US did not form any homeland for the Jewish people. The only nation the US has formed is the US. Nor is a nation a homeland.

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Diaspora is a world community of people with a common homeland.

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Israel is the homeland of the Jews, and Palestine is the homeland of the Palestinians. (However, there are people on both sides who disagree with this statement.)

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