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Q: What do you think governor Berkeley could have done differently to prevent the rebellion?
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What was the Virginia Debate of 1832?

This debate was mostly about slavery. It started when John Floyd, Governor of Virginia during the time, stated that in order to prevent another rebellion like Turner's Rebellion(Rebellion of 80 slaves, ended up with 60 white people killed) to not happen again, the slaves needed to be emancipated. Virginia voted against emancipation for the slaves.

Why did Hongwu feel that a strong military was necessary?

to prevent a rebellion by mongols

What did Daniel shays do?

Started Shay's rebellion, which attempted to prevent the Massachusetts Supreme Court from convening. Shay's rebellion was a catalyst to the constitutional convention, since it showed that the government under the Articles of Confederation was too weak, since it couldn't send troops to stop the rebellion.

How did Incan rulers prevent rebellion?

The Incan rulers battled rebellion by sending conquered people to different places. This prevented them from joining together and fighting for their land and homes.

What problems did shay's rebellion point out in the articles of confederation?

that the congress were not able to stop or prevent the rebellion so they doubted the articles so the people doubted the ability of the government

What was Alexander III's program of Russification?

Accepting Russia was an attempt to boost Nationalism, and prevent rebellion.

What was Tsar Alexander III's program of Russification?

Accepting Russia was an attempt to boost Nationalism, and prevent rebellion.

How did the British prevent rebellion after gaining control over Canada?

By promising to protect French culture and language.

What is a engine governor?

A device installed on the engine to prevent a driver from revving the engine any faster than the governor is set to permit. Governor is a mechanism which controls the supply of fuel to the cylinder according to the load on engine

What effect did Shays rebellion have on History?

Shay's Rebellion had an impact on early US history. The US was a new nation, and it was fragile. The rebellion was an armed uprising in Massachusetts. An American Revolutionary soldier, Captain Daniel Shays, became the leader of farmers who tried to save their property and farmlands from foreclosures by courts. The attempt was to shut down these courts and prevent debtors from being imprisoned. The rebellion was repressed, however, it gave US leaders serious concerns about future uprisings and how to prevent them.

What step did Britain take to prevent rebellion in its colonies during the nineteenth century?

passage of the Reform Act of 1832

Why do Peeta Mellark and Katniss play again in Catching Fire?

Snow wanted to kill Katniss to prevent a rebellion.