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I believe its the Carolina Constitution

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A Constitution

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Q: What document covered land distribution and social ranking?
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Which document covered land disribution and social ranking?

Carolina Constitution

What was the document that addressed land divisions and social ranking?

The Carolina Constitution

What is social ranking?

Social ranking refers to the hierarchical positioning of individuals within a society or group based on factors such as wealth, power, or prestige. It determines an individual's status, influence, and opportunities within a given social context. Social ranking can impact relationships, access to resources, and overall quality of life.

What is higharaki?

your social ranking

What is the chapter wise distribution of marks in social sciences of X class?

what is chapter wise distribution of social science

Social problems in China?

Some of the social problems in China are a result of the uneven distribution of social wealth in the country. Social problems include regional imbalances and employment distribution.

What are the differences between inequality and stratification?

Social Inequality: Condition whereby people have unequal access to valued resources, services, and positions in society.Social Stratification: Inequality has been institutionalized, and there is a system of social relationships that determines who gets what, and why.

What is The ranking of people based on factors such as wealth gender and occupation is referred to as?

social stratification.

What is an example of an social structure?

One direction has a high ranking in our community.

What do social ranking form?

Social rankings form lists of social things ranked. They give people an idea of the type of social things that are popular along with what is not.

What social ranking system did the incas use?

The Incas used a social ranking system known as "ayllu," which organized society into different groups based on kinship ties and responsibilities. The highest-ranking individuals were the nobility, followed by commoners and then slaves. This system was based on reciprocity and communal ownership of resources.

Give an example of a social behavior that can produce a uniform distribution?

One social behavior that can produce an even distribution is the human need to find someone that there in common with