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Q: What document signed in 1620 constituted the first agreement for self-government in America It was signed by the 41 men on the Mayflower and set up a government for the Plymouth colony.?
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What was the agreement by the pilgrims which said how the colony would run?

the mayflower was the 1620 agreement for ruling the Plymouth colony

The agreement of government signed by pilgrams is called the?

mayflower compact

What was the agreement in the 1620 that established the concept of self government?

Mayflower compact

Which agreement created by Pilgrims was the first example of self government?

The Mayflower Compact

What agreement of government was signed by the Pilgrims?

The Agreement signed by the Pilgrims before going ashore was known as the Mayflower Compact. This served as the first governing document in the Plymouth Colony.

Agreement for self-government signed by the pilgrims before landing at Plymouth?

the Mayflower Compact

Which agreement Created by pilgrims was the first example of self-government in America?

The Mayflower Compact

Why is The mayflower compact an example of self government?

It was an agreement among people to govern themselves.

How did the mayflower compact influence the constitution?

The Mayflower compact was an agreement of first formed government where all aldult men agreed on a rep and laws

Need a 5th grade sentence with the word Mayflower Compact?

The Mayflower Compact was an agreement between the members of the Plymouth Colony that formed their government.

What was the first written agreement of self government in America?

The first written self government document in the Americas was the Mayflower Compact. It was an agreement between the Pilgrims to govern their new colony in 1620.

What was the name of the agreement that marked a step toward self-government for the English colonies?

The Mayflower Compact