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Q: What does America call their money?
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How much money does a call center agent make at road America?


What is the money used in El Salvador?

The kind of money we use in El Salvador is the same thing as America.

How much money will call of duty black ops be?

United kingdom- £40.00 America - $44.99 (used)...$59.99(New)

What do Russians call their money?

they call their money rubles.

What does Britain call their money?

pounds Is that all they call their money?

What is money call in El Salvador?

they call their money U.S. dollars

What does the-Mexican call their money?

Mexicans call there money 'pesos' as it is the currency of Mexico.

What do you call the person to whom money is owed?

You call them 'The person I owe money to'

What do you call unspent money?


What do Slovakians call money?

Seed Money.

What do the English call their money?

I the their money is pounds.

What do ppl call money in us?

People commonly refer to money in the US as "bucks", "dough", "cash", or simply "money".