What does Closed rule and open rule refer to?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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whether floor debate will be permitted on a bill

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Q: What does Closed rule and open rule refer to?
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What is the difference between a closed rule and an open rule in the House of Representatives?

Closed rules set time limits on debate and restrict the passage of amendments

When a lamp is switched off is the electrical current to the light open or closed?

Open and closed does not refer to electrical current or the flow of electricity. Open or closed refers to the state of an electrical circuit. When a lamp is turned on electricity flows through wires, the switch and the lamp; and the circuit is considered closed. When a lamp is switched off the circuit is considered open (or broken) and the flow of electric current is stopped.

Show me open and closed syllables?

"Show" is open, "and" is closed. O- is open, -pen is closed. "Closed" is closed.

What are closed and open models of organization?

Close model organization is an organization one person rule.whil open model organization is open to the public and more then one person rule.

What are the three main types of rules assigned by the rules committee?

3 main types are open, closed, and modified rule.

Is refill open or closed syllable?

One open, one closed.

Is ball an open or closed syllable?


What is open when its closed and closed when its open?

a construction site?

What is the significance of the closed or open shell in the periodic law?

The closed or open shell in an atom refers to the arrangement of electrons in its electron shells. Atoms with closed shells are more stable and less likely to react, following the octet rule. This influences the chemical properties and reactivity of elements in the periodic table.

What is the opposite of closing?

The opposite of the adjective closed is open. The opposite of the verb closed is opened.

What is an open polygon called?

In CAD (computer aided design) a Polyline is used to refer to shapes with multiple lines that aren't necessarily closed.

Is the word animal a closed syllable?

human is a closed syllable word