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border the United States....

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Q: What does Mexico and Canada are alike is that they both?
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What is one way Mexico and Canada are alike?

both border US, both part North America

Are Canada and Mexico countries?

Yes, both Canada and Mexico are countries.

How are sports in Mexico alike and diffrent from the US?

They are alike because we both play soccer.

Are Mexico's and Canada's economy alike?

No. Canada has a developed, free market economy, while Mexico has a mixed, developing economy. The largest difference is the amount of income per capita for both countries:Both 2010 est, in US dollarsCanada: 37,280Mexico: 15,010

Is Canada and Mexico a country?

Yes. Both Canada and Mexico are independent countries.

What is alike between Oregon and Canada?

They are both cold

The United States is bordered by Canada and Mexico?

Yes, the United States is bordered by both Canada and Mexico.

Where is the us in relation to Canada and Mexico?

It is right between both of them: the US is south of Canada, but north of Mexico.

What are ways are the US and Canada alike?

We both like a good BEER!

State their geographic location for Mexico and Canada?

Both are located on North America. Canada and Mexico are both north and south of the United States, respectively.

How are the systems of governmentin the us and Mexico alike?

Both are federal presidential representative republics.

What country is larger US Canada or Mexico?

Canada is larger than both the US and Mexico.