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the u.s. senate and house of represenatives meet there and do there thing.

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Q: What does a capital building do?
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What is Alaska's capital building?

It is the former Territorial Capital building.

What street is the capital building in?

Depends on what capital building you are asking about.

Facts about the capital building?

# The Capital Building was designed by George Washington. # In the war of 1812 Capital Building was shut down and used as a hospital.

What is the name of the US building in the capital city in which laws are made?

The Capital Building?

Who meets in the capital building in DC?

The senates meet in the capital building to debate laws.

What is the name of the building in the capital city which laws were made?

Capital building in Washington DC.

What is the name of Russia's capital building?

Kremlin is the name of Russia's capital building.

What is the capital building of Japan?

Tokyo is the capital of Japan

What building does the legislative branch work in?

the capital building

Where is the capital building in Indonesia?

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia.

What is the length of the capital building?

Do you mean the capitol building in Washington DC?

Where is the Texas capitol building?

The capitol (building) is in the capital (city), which is Austin.