What does each branch do?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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There are 3 branches in the United States.

Executive branch- PRESIDENT (and vice president). They pass/veto bills, deal with foreign countries, appoint Supreme Court judges, etc.

Legislative branch- CONGRESS. There are two houses of Congress, the House of Representatives and the Senate. They make laws.

Judical branch- SUPREME COURT and the lower courts. They decide whether laws are constitutional or not, and keep justice.

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the government

the president

the senate

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Q: What does each branch do?
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Why executive branch is important?

It including the president, each branch counts on each other to do their job. This branch enforces the laws from the Legislative Branch.

What powers mean that each branch of government is independent?

"Separation of powers," Means that each branch of government is independent

Does each government branch check the others?

yes they do....for example the executive branch can check the other two..and i can check out your mom....See how it works

The arrows in the illustration represent checks on the power of each branch of government which branch of government fits in each blank?

A=legislative branch; B= executive branch

What are the term limits for members of each branch of governments?

What are the term limits for members of each branch of goverments

What does each branch study?

each branch stands for the sources of science such as, chemistry, biology, geology, and physics

What is the part of the constitution that describes each branch of government.?

The Articles of the U.S. Constitution describe each branch of government.

Who checks what in checks and balances?

Each branch of government checks each other in the system of checks and balances. This includes the legislative branch, along with the the executive and judicial. The branches basically check each other to make sure no branch is abusing their powers.

What do you call two tubes which branch off into each lung?

Bronchi are the two tubes that branch off into each lung.

What has the most power?

What branch of Government has the most power, and what are the houses in each branch.

Which major principle of the constitution addresses the specific responsibilities of each branch in our government?

Montesquieu's principle of the 'Trias Politica', in which he said that a proper Government should be divided into three branches, equal to each other, independent of each other and monitoring each other; namely the Judicial branch, the Legislative branch and the Executive branch.

Do the executive branch have checks over the judicial branch?

Yes, every branch has checks over each other.