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The Supreme Court amends laws and interprets law.

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Q: What does the Surpreme Court do?
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Which court has nine judges?

The Surpreme Court

What is the highest court of the judicial branch?

the surpreme court.

What is the Judiciary is composed of?

Surpreme court, and other court systems

How many justices are there in the Arkansas Surpreme Court?


What federal court meets in its own building in Washington DC?

The Supreme Court

Why is Sotomayor famous?

first latino surpreme court justice

Who chooses members of the surpreme court?

The President of the U.S. with the consent of the Congress.

How many justices serve on the us surpreme court at the same time?


Who once described the surpreme court as constitutional convention in continuous session?

Woodrow Wilson

How many judges sit on the surpreme court of India?

1 {CJ}+30 {JUDGES} i.e., 31 judges sit in the supreme court of India.

Has the supreme court rulled against a law passed by the congress?

Yes, the Supreme Court has the authority to rule against a law passed by Congress if it determines that the law is unconstitutional. This power is derived from the doctrine of judicial review established in the landmark case Marbury v. Madison in 1803.

Which surpreme court procedure involves justices discussing a case debating its key issues and arriving at their own opinions on the appropriate ruling?

Deliberation-the justices meet privetly to share thier opinion and discuss the case