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Q: What does the fifteenth amendment do for America?
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Which amendment Prohibits the government from denying a person right to vote on the basis of race?

The fifteenth amendment of the Constitution.

What is a sentence with the words fifteenth amendment in it?

The fifteenth Amendment is in the history book

Is fifteenth capitalized?

no, unless its the Fifteenth Amendment.

What does the fifthteen amendment guarantee?

What does the fifteenth amendment guarantee

What made the election of hundreds of African American leaders to local state and Congressional offices possible during the 1870s?

The passage of the Fifteenth Amendment

What year was the Fifteenth Amendment passed in?

The Fifteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution was passed on February 3, 1870.

What amendment to the US constitution provided for the right to vote regardless of race?

The fifteenth amendment of the Declaration of Independence declared that people of color had the right to vote.

What is taken from your because of the fifteenth amendment?


When did the 15 amendment pass?

The fifteenth amendment was ratified on February 3, 1870.

Which legislation was responsible for granting voting rights for African Americans?

the fifteenth amendment

How did the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendment affect the Dred Scott decision?

The Dred Scott decision stated that people of African decent imported to America were not citizens and not protected by the Constitution. The fourteenth and fifteenth amendments nullified that decision.

Who was affected most by the Fifteenth Amendment?

the black men