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U.S. Grant had 7 secretaries at the time of his presidency. He also had a table made (currently in use as a home-office desk for the president in the White House - 2nd floor) with 7 cabinets (drawers). After meetings, the secretaries would leave their important documents in the cabinets for the next day.... The secretaries term was "shortened" to cabinets. Grant also added an 8th secretary - that person didn't have a cabinet at the time. (They should have called the cabinets - drawers.)

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Q: What does the government term cabinet mean?
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What is the term for a group of government officials who head various departments in the executive branch and advise the president?

The people are known as the president's cabinet and they are the cabinet secretaries .

What does cabinet in social studies mean?

In social studies, a cabinet typically refers to a group of government officials who advise the head of state or government. The members of the cabinet are usually appointed by the leader and are responsible for overseeing specific areas of government policy.

Why American cabinet is called a kitchen cabinet?

Assuming you mean the US cabinet. America does not have one. The so called 'Kitchen Cabinet' was an unofficial group of advisers not directly employed by the government.

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The war cabinet is the group of advisors to the President or Prime Minister (the head of government) on issues relating to the conduct of a war.

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A cabinet member is a senior government official chosen by the country's leader to head a specific government department or ministry. Cabinet members are responsible for overseeing various aspects of government operations and policy within their designated area of responsibility. They typically meet with the head of government to discuss and make decisions on important issues affecting the country.

What is the US government kitchen cabinet?

The term "Kitchen Cabinet" is what the critics of President Andrew Jackson used to describe his informal advisers. They felt Jackson relied more on these advisers than he did his official cabinet.

What are examples of the presidential cabinet?

The example of this cabinet is the Government States

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The Secretary of Veterans Affairs is a Cabinet level Office of the US Government

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State government doesn’t have a cabinet. Only the president has one.

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A Cabinet member is one of the Ministers of the British government.