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The phrase "insure domestic tranquility" affects community and family because it provides an assurance that one can expect to live free and confident of safety without fear of intrusion from hostile forces. This means our shores and airways are patrolled in a way that will assure this commitment can andÊ will be carried out.

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Make sure people in our country (domestic) can live peacefully (tranquility).

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It means if you want sex, you do the dishes every once in a while.

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It means to insure the safety of citizens from violence, riots, and rebellions. To set up a Government which would be able to respond to the needs of it's citizens.

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Q: What does the phrase insure demestic tranquility mean?
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What does ensure domestic tranquilty mean?

The Constitution is the framework for our nation. Your question comes from the preamble of the Constitution: We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, INSURE DOMESTIC TRANQUILITY, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. In this context, "insure domestic tranquility" means that the Articles of the Constitution provide guidelines for the composition of our government, its laws, rules for transitions of power, etc... to achieve peace within the nation

What does do ordain and establish mean?

The verb "ordain" can mean to officially enact, and "establish" means to found or define. This phrase in the preamble to the US Constitution simply means the Constitution is being put into place as the basis for the US government.

What does it mean to insure domestic tranquilit?

It means that someone - or in case of a country, a Government - makes sure that the inhabitants of a home or a country will be quiet and contented.

What was the primary goal of the state constitutions?

The primary goal of state constitution is to establish justice, form perfect union, insure domestic tranquility and promote general welfare. It is the foundation of legal authority in that state. 1. Establish Justice - Create a system of courts and ensure their independence from other branches of government. Their sole purpose being to interpret and rule on the laws of the people. This is to make sure that they cannot dictate law unilaterally, but are bound to interpret the laws we create through our elected representatives. There are examples of this every day in courts all across America. 2. Insure Domestic Tranquility - The government is charged with making sure citizens are not hindered by the actions of others. It is important to note that the word "insure" was used and not "ensure". This implies that the intent is to have a passive effect on the nature of the government's responsibility in our lives. The government is required to provide insurance of tranquility with our neighbors, not to ensure tranquility which implies that the government has the responsibility to enforce tranquility. This clause is often misunderstood to mean that the government should ensure that everyone has money or possessions, but it instead means that the government should insure that you have the possibility of attaining these things. This would also include police and fire departments. They exist to insure the tranquility of our citizens. Examples would include laws designed to insure that you are not necessarily effected by the actions of others, such as rules regarding stocks and investments. However, the government is not required to ensure that you are not effected by the actions of others, they cannot protect you from the decisions you make of your own free will. Basically, this clause means that the government should insure a level playing field. 3. Provide for the Common Defense - This is fairly straightforward. The government must maintain a militant fighting force capable of defending our nation from threats throughout and within. This would include the military and to an extent, the police. Examples should be easy to imagine on your own. 4. Promote the General Welfare - The government must make available whatever common resources are needed in our daily lives. Until this point, the "general welfare" was determined by whatever a faraway king deemed it to be. Such resources in modern times would include things like electricity, roads, and schools. This would not include government income or other subsistence. Referring back to "Insure Domestic Tranquility", the government does not have a responsibility to ensure that citizens have these things, but to insure that they are attainable. By providing everyone with basic resources, the government promotes the general welfare of it's citizens to attain whatever position or status in life that they choose. 5. Secure the Blessings of Liberty to Ourselves and our Posterity - Create a system of government that ensures that all past, present, and future American citizens can live in freedom. The government has the responsibility to enforce the constitution made by the people to ensure that Americans will always live free. Examples of this would be the constitution itself and our entire governmental system. A system that remains today the same as it has always been, making the United States of America the oldest nation on earth and the oldest nation in recorded human history to maintain an identical form of governmental structure. In fact, we've had the same "ruler" since 1776, the people. 6. The final goal, and ultimate purpose, of the constitution is to ensure that the government is a nation operated and ruled by the people themselves. This document outlines the rules and standards by which we accomplish this and ensure that it endures.

What does insure domestic tranquillity mean?

Insuring domestic tranquility' means that the government is tasked with keeping the peace. It authorizes the use of federal intervention if it is needed.

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What does the phrase insure domestic tranquility in the preamble of the Constitution mean?



to make peace in the homes and in the country

What does the insure domestic tranquility mean in the constitution?

No rebellions & no fighting between states.

What does insure domestic tranquility mean in preamble?

The phrase domestic tranquility in the preamble refers to peaceful conditions here in the United States. Conditions at the time that the preamble was written, which was right after the Revolutionary war were tumultuous and leaders of the time realized that the government was ineffective in restoring order.

What does insure tranquility mean?

It means people who are people are people. ( our rights can't be taken away and we should insure our security and homes sowe don't get robbed.)SUCKERS

What does to insure domestic tranquility mean in the constitution?

To "insure domestic tranquility" in the Constitution means to maintain peace and order within the country. It implies ensuring that there is stability, harmony, and security among the citizens.

What does Establish Justice Insure Domestic Tranquility mean?

"Establish justice" refers to creating a fair and impartial legal system, ensuring that all individuals are treated equally under the law. "Insure domestic tranquility" means maintaining peace and order within a country by resolving conflicts peacefully and promoting social harmony.

What does it mean to insure domestic tranquility?

To insure domestic tranquility means to maintain peace and order within a country by resolving disputes peacefully, upholding the rule of law, and promoting harmony among its citizens. This concept is often associated with the role of government in preventing civil unrest and maintaining stability in society.

What does For the US mean?

It means that the citizens of America will establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and prosperity, and ordain and establish the constitution just so they can form a more perfect America. :D

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