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Is is being used on Facebook to show support for Marriage equality. The supreme court decision is to be made today!

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support for same sex marriage

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Q: What does the red box with 2 pink rectangles stacked in it mean?
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What does a red box with two pink rectangles stacked within it symbolize?

This particular symbol is commonly used to represent gender fluidity, with the red box representing people who identify as female, the two pink rectangles representing people who identify as male, and the combination indicating a blending or fluidity of gender identities. It is a visual representation of inclusion and support for individuals who do not conform to traditional gender binaries.

What has 4 faces that are rectangles?

a box

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Any 3D shape with a constant cross-section; in other words, a 2D shape stacked on top of itself, like a triangle on a Toblerone box. But it need not be a triangular shape that is stacked. A rectangular 2-d shape would give a cuboid. Any poygonals shape can be stacked for a prism. Not a piramid, or pyramid even, which is not a prism!

What 3 dimensional shape is made up of 6 rectangles?

A box is a 3D shape with 6 rectangles (a box could also include squares). The rectangles are: Top/Bottom/Front/Back/Side/Side

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No. All rectangles are not squares. Think of rectangles and squares as boxes. Would you be able to fit a rectangle into the square box? Nope. But you would be able to fit the square into the rectangle box. <---- Hope that helped. :)

What have two squares and four rectangles?

A box made of four identical rectangles for the front/top/back/bottom and the end pieces are squares.

What geomeric shape is of one of the faces in a cerial box?

All of them are rectangles.

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Do you mean the surface area of the box? If so... What you do is break the surface area into 6 rectangles: Two rectangles have sides of length 6.3 and 12.6 inches. Two rectangles have sides of length 6.3 and 4.2 inches. Two rectangles have sides of length 12.6 and 4.2 inches. Find the area of each of the six rectangles (using the standard formula for the area of a rectangle, A = W x H), and add up all six. The sum of the areas of the six rectangles will be the surface area of the box. Since the lengths of the sides are in inches, the area will already be in square inches, and therefore you don't have to "turn it into square inches".

What does the red box with pink equal sign mean?

A sign of support for same-sex marriage equality.

What is an every day object that has the same shape as a rectangular prism?

a tissue box for example because it's two bases are rectangles and the bases are connected by rectangles.

How does a rectangular prism look?

A rectangular prism has six faces. All the faces are rectangles. For Example: A ceral box...a cabnet...a shoe box/tissue box...

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