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nothing and nothingand thats it

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Q: What does the war department do?
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What were the first 3 executive departments created by the Congress?

There were 4 under President George Washington:Department of Foreign Affairs (now Department of State) created on July 21, 1789.Department of the Treasury created in 1789.Department of War (now Department of Defense) created in 1789, but dating to 1781.Department of Justice (Office of the Attorney General, established by the Judiciary Act on September 24, 1789)

What executive departments were set up by Congress in 1789 and what responsibilities do they have?

Department of State, Department of Treasury, and Department of war. Department of State would handle relations with other nations, the Treasury Department deal with financial matters, and the War Departments would provide for nations defense.

Who is the US secretary of war?

The position of Secretary of War refers to the leader of the War Department. This agency and position was disbanded in the US in 1947, after WWII. The most similar agency in the US is now the Department of Defense, headed by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.

What are the three oldest executive departments?

Defense (once called War), Treasury, and State were the original 3 departments of the US Cabinet, along with the Attorney General. Washington's cabinet only had 4 people, but as the government's expanded, we have more departments.

What is Cabinet system of government?

ther a bunch of people who help the president make decisions- - the department of state - the department of treasury - the department of war

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What department is once called the Department of War?

The department that was once called the Department of War is now known as the Department of Defense.

What department was originally called the war department in 1789?

its Department of WarIt was renamed the Department of Defense following WWII.Defense, (originally called the War Department), 1789

Where is the offices of the War Department of US?

The USA does not have a War Department.

What did the department of war do?

The war department fought its last war in WWII. After that it became the Department of Defense. The DOD runs the US military.

What responsibilities state department war department and treasury department have?

The United States Department of War, also called the War Department (and occasionally War Office in the early years), was the United States Cabinet department originally responsible for the operation and maintenance of the United States Army. The War Department also bore responsibility for naval affairs until the establishment of the Navy Department in 1798 and for most land-based air forces until the creation of the Department of the Air Force in 1947. The Secretary of War headed the war department throughout its existence.

Who was the head of the war department?

Henry Knox was the first head of the department of war.

Which department was once called the department of war?

The Department of Defense was once called the Department of War.

Which department of government was first responsible for managing Indian affairs?

WAr it was the department of war

Who was first head of the department of war?

Henry Knox was the first head of the department of war.

What is the duration of War Department Report?

The duration of War Department Report is 2820.0 seconds.

The department of defense was origianly called what?

The Department of War.

What is the original name of the department of defense?

The Department of War.