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Noun:A person who rises in armed resistance against an established government or ruler.Verb:Rise in opposition or armed resistance to an established government or ruler.

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Q: What does the word 'rebel' mean?
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What is the plural form of the word rebel?

Rebels is the plural of rebel

What is the Hebrew word for rebel?

a male rebel = mored (מורד) a female rebel = moredet (מורדת)

Does the word rebel have an unstressed first or second syllable?

When the word "rebel" is used as a noun ("The rebel got away"), the first syllable is stressed and the second is relatively unstressed. When the word "rebel" is used as a verb (The slaves decided to rebel) the second syllable is stressed and the first syllable us unstressed.

What is the root word of rebellion?

The root word of "rebellion" is "rebel," which comes from the Latin word "rebellare," meaning "to wage war against."

What word completes the analogy mausoleum to tomb to maverick?

The word that completes the analogy is "rebel." Just as a mausoleum is a grand tomb and a maverick is a rebellious or unconventional person, a rebel is someone who goes against the norms or rules.

What sentence can you make with the word Rebel?

Luke Skywalker joined forces with the Rebel Alliance.

What is an adjective of the word rebel?


What is the adjective for the word rebel?


What are some words that end with rebel?

Not so many. Your only English option is the word rebel.

What are the two meanings for rebel?

noun;Someone going against an event;for example;I am going to be a rebel and not vote for Donald Trump.Other definition for rebel is rebel with a standed out e.adjective;future word for rebel;for example,I'm going to rebel against Donald trump

What does Rebel mean in spanish?


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