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A persons or a properties rites to access a water supply.

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Q: What does water rights mean?
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What are water wars?

Water wars are when places that have little war fight over water rights. Just because someone is using land doesn't mean they own the water rights. In western states where water is gotten from ground water, rain, and irrigation water rights are particularly important this is especially true in times of drought.

Does a landowner adjoining the Mississippi River own to the center of the river?

No. There are land rights and water rights. When people acquire land they don't get the water rights too. If they did that could mean that every few miles someone owns the water. The rivers are state property.

What does unlienable rights mean?

refers to the concept of rights that are completely inseparable from those to whom they belong.

What does consumer rights mean?

What does consumer rights mean? Answer soon! -Thanks!

Are Water rights part of mineral rights?

No. Water rights are in a different category than mineral rights. There are different types of water rights: surface and subsurface. Those rights are treated differently. A landowner has a more exclusive right to subsurface water. When purchasing land in some areas where the water and mineral rights have been separated from the land rights it is extremely important to have the title examined by a professional culminating in a detailed report of the status of all those rights.

What does life's rights mean on a house deed?

What does life rights mean on a deed.

How can companies have water rights when individuals do not?

In the United States, water rights are associated with land ownership. Any person, entity or organization that owns the land owns the rights to the water on that land (unless he, it, they sell the rights). Also, any person, entity or organization that has used water from a moving source such as a river has rights to use that water in the future. The use and distribution of the water in times of drought or increased population causes the rights to water to get tricky and contentious. There is a federal court system in the South West United States that deals only with rater rights issues. That aside individuals CAN own water rights.

What did Brigham Young do about water rights?

to get water

What did unalienable rights mean?

You can not be denied those rights.

What has the author Samuel C Wiel written?

Samuel C. Wiel has written: 'Water rights in the western states' -- subject(s): Water, Water rights, Law and legislation, Riparian rights

What does to secure these rights mean?

to be apart of the rights (from the decleration of independent)

What does civilrights mean?

the rights we have