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The Revolutionary War

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Q: What event became symbol of British tyranny?
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What event became a symbol of british tyranny?

The Revolutionary War

Which event became a symbol of british tyranny over the colonists?

Boston massacre

What event became a symbol of the conflict of Cold War during the 1980 Olympics?

The men's ice hockey competition.

In event that became known as the Boston Massacre occurred on March 5 1770. On this day British soldiers fired on and killed?

unarmed colonists

Where was bobsledding?

Bobsledding originated in Switzerland in 1890 and became an Olympic event in 1924. Women's bobsledding became an Olympic event in 2002.

Which historical event event most likely shaped the cultural values of british society in the 1700s?

American colonies' break from British rule

In what event did British troops fire on anti-British demonstrators?

The Boston Massacre

What year did the Luge became an Olympic Event?

it became a Olympic sport in 1963

In a flowchart action and event appears in what?

a rectangle is the symbol for the action or event in a flowchart. it describes something that happens or something you do

What year did tennis become an Olympic event?

Tennis became an Olympic event the year of 1896

The event that spawned from the taunting and throwing of snowballs at a British soldier guarding a customs house became known as the?

The taunting of a British soldier guarding a customs house ended in the Boston Massacre. Angry colonists gathered in protest of the presence of British soldiers in Boston. The situation quickly escalated when someone threw and hit a British soldier with a snow ball. The British soldiers opened fire, killing five.

What events led to the constitations creation?

one important event is that the king of England ruled cruely over the u.s. to stop his tyranny. another is the revelutionary war .