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Al Gore is known for trying to curb global warming.

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Al Gore

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Q: What former US Vice President has been a leading proponent of man-caused global warming?
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What former US Vice President has been a leading proponent of global warming?

Al Gore

How increasing demand of houses affecting environment leading to global warming?

Increasing demand of houses lead to global warming that is cutting down the trees , which is the main source of rain . which causes " GLOBAL WARMING ".

Which biochemical cycle has been disrupted leading to global warming?

Burning fossil fuel.

What former vice president is warning about gobal warming?

Al Gore.

Is president bush causing global warming?

No more than the rest of us.

What three things are happening in the tundra that are leading to global warming?

Reason 1 = oil drillingReason 2 = miningReason 3 = oil spills

Problems with crude oil?

Crude oil is very bad for the environment when in use, leading to environmental issues including global warming in the future

What are the hazardous gases?

Carbon dioxide and methane are the ones causing most of the accelerated greenhouse effect that is causing global warming and leading to climate change.

Why do rising co2 levels concern some scentist?

They theorise that the co2 levels will hinder the escape of heat radiated by the earth leading to global warming

What does the ozone hole have to do with the climate change?

Ozone hole allows UV to pass. this UV causes global warming, thus leading climatic changes.

Do you not believe in global warming?

I do. Global warming exists. The main cause of global warming is the increase in greenhouse gases from burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) in industry, transport and the generation of electricity, which releases carbon dioxide (CO2). That increase is reversible. The second leading cause is the increase in deforestation. That is also reversible.

Why do you love that George Bush won't be your president in 2009?

because he wont be in our lives any more and .we wont have global warming