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Q: What founding father said a penny saved is a penny earned?
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The leap louise erdich what tha narrator's mother deal with the past in an unusual way she?

the narrator owes her existence to her mother three times when she saved her life, to her father and mother and the hospital where they met and fell in love and when her mother saved her from the burning house.Read more: The_leap_by_Louise_Erdrich_how_does_the_narrator_owe_her_life_to_her_mother_three_times

Who saved the Jamestown colony by convincing her father to trade food?

The legend tells us it was Pocahontas, but it is not true. Smith made it up and put it in a book after Pocahontas died. The purpose of the story was to make Smith a hero and savior of Jamestown, but it never happened.

What events saved Jamestown from destruction?

The reformation of tabacco and the new cultures that formed!!

Are there photos of George Washington?

George Washington died in 1799, several decades before the first practical systems for photography were invented, so there are no photographs of him. there are painted photographs though and they are still here today. i have a question now. dolly Madison saved the famous portrait of George Washington. where is that photo today and what are some facts about her saving it? i have this potus project and it is due tommorrow. its 5 pages long and i have 4 and a half if you could help me that would be nice. thanks

Who saved the Jamestown colony?

John Smith, a harsh and brutal ruler who forced the colonial "gentlemen" to work hard for the good of the colony, is generally said to have saved Jamestown.

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A penny saved ia a penny wasted?

No, "A penny saved is a penny earned".

How can you use a penny saved is a penny earned in the sentence?

A Penny saved is a penny earned, as you would not have it any other way

What does a penny saved a penny earned mean?

A penny earned is a penny saved means the money you save (and you don't spend) then it is earned. Because you don't waste it so it's practically saved.

Is a penny lost really a penny saved?

A penny saved is a penny earned is an old saying coined by Benjamin Franklin. It refers to the value of the money that is saved over the money that is spent right away.

What finishes the proverb a penny saved? a penny earned.

Can you provide an an example story for the proverb a penny saved is a penny earned?

When one saves a penny by purchasing a $1.00 item for $.99 the penny saved is earned because you put forth effort to save the penny. Contrary to the belief that a penny placed in a savings bank is earned. A penny placed in savings was earned prior to it being saved.

Is A penny earned is a penny gained?

YES, Ben Franklin originally quoted "A penny saved is a penny earned"

What historical figure is known for A penny saved is a penny earned?


What is one of Benjiman Franklins quotes?

"A penny saved is a penny earned."

Did Benjamin Franklin have a famous speech?

a penny saved a penny earned

Should you keep a penny?

Sure, like they say,"A penny saved is a penny earned."

Who was the first person to say a penny saved is a penny earned?

Benjamin Franklin