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Q: What geographic features affected the Battle of Yorktown during the American Revolution?
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How did American Revolution affect European revolutions?

The European revolutions were affected by the American revolution because they saw the American's success and so they were riveted by visions of their own victory.

What was the importance of the battle of Yorktown?

—After 3 weeks of bombardment from Washington General Cornwallis surrendered Yorktown. Yorktown was an important strategies fort commercially because of its ports. The battle of Yorktown led to the victory of the Patriots.It was the last battle of the Civil War where the British surrendered to the U.S.The Battle of Yorktown was important because it was part of the American Revolution and a lot of the outcomes of the Battle of Yorktown affected the outcome of our independence and the revolutionary war.AnswerThe battled of Yorktown is important because it ended the Revolutionary War. George Washington and the French took over Cornwallis's camp of 5,000 men. Cornwallis lost power of Virginia and was forced to surrender.

What are some ways that the American Revolution affected society?

Some ways revolution effects society is that it helped us get our freedom.

What 2 revolutions were directly affected by the enlightenment ideas?

American Revolution and French Revolution. They were both justified themselves with Enlightenment ideals.

How were oppressed people in other countries affected by the American Revolution?

They learned that freedom was possible.

How did the battle of Yorktown affect the course of American history?

The upset of the British was the key to the success of the revolution. By trapping the major British forces between the American soldiers and the French Navy forced the British to surrender. This was the key to the Victory of the colonists.

How did the American Revolution affect people?

It affected people because they had to pay taxes and it was going on where they lived.

What is the difference between french revolution and Indian revolution?

The French Revolution affected France, the Indian revolution affected India

What are local wind patterns affected by?

Local winds are affected by local geographic features!

How women farmers were affected due to green revolution?

How women farmers were affected green revolution

What effect did the American Revolution have on the role of women in society-?

Women began to speak out about issues that affected their ability to raise their children

What effect did the American Revolution have on the role of the women in society?

women began to speak out about issues that affected their ability to raise their children.