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The Secret Service

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The US Secret Service.

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Q: What government agency is in charge of investigating counterfeit money?
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What government agency is in charge of regulating part of the nations economy?


What is a government agency in charge of regulating part of the nations economy?


Who is responsible for the implementation and execution of the Government Travel Charge Card program?

Agency Program Coordinators.

How do you apply for a Government travel charge card?

Obtain an application from your Agency/Organization Program Coordinator (A/OPC)

What government agency is in charge of professional sports drug testing?

International body: WADA(World Anti-Doping Agency) For USA it is: USADA(US Anti-Doping Agency) For Australia it is: ASADA (Australian Sports Anti Doping Agency)

What was the government agency in charge of managing Indian issues?

The Bureau of Indian Affairs originally called the Office of Indian Affairs.

Where can I find low income apartments in Massachusetts?

If you qualify you need to work through your local health and human services agency. In Boston the Boston Housing Authority is the agency in charge. Your local government will have it's own agency and they will have the proper information for where you are.

What agency supervises the CIA?

No one agency is in charge of supervising the CIA's actions. There are many examples of times that the CIA has acted without approval of the US government and has secret elements that may be under no scrutiny whatsoever.

Which law enforcement agency deals with counterfeiting in the US?

The US Secret Service is the US government agency nominally in charge of counterfeiting. It was originally part of the Treasury Department , but its role became one of crime-fighting and was expanded in 1901 to include protection of the President and government officials, for which it is now chiefly known. In 2003, the Secret Service was placed under the Department of Homeland Security.

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According to current rates, the highest commission rate a modeling agency can charge is 20%.

What is the maximum commission an employment agency can charge?

The most they can charge is $17.00

Which agency is in charge of printing money?

The legislative branch of government is in charge of having money printed and coined. Congress established the US Mint to make coins and the US Bureau of Engraving to print paper money.