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Q: What government problems arose because of patronage?
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What government problems arose as a result of patronage -?

Patronage, the giving of government jobs to people who had helped a candidate get elected, was a problem because the employees given these jobs were many times not qualified for the political position. They many times used their new position for personal gain.

What were some of the problems that arose with trade?

The Mexicans

What problems arose during the critical period?

you are dumb.

What problems arose because Jamestown colonists stared looking for gold as soon as they arrived?

Lack of food was the most pressing problem.

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george mason

Was slavery one of the problems that arose within the 13 colonies?


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What problems arose from changes in British policy toward the colonies in 1760?


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The antifederalist argued about the constition

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Im not sure if that is the same thing as industrialization but, problems that arose from that were over population in the cities, not so many farmers, more land being farmed on... etc., etc.

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