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The 22nd Amendment limits the terms of the President and Vice-president. It does not grant voting rights.

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Q: What group did the twenty second amendment give the right to vote to?
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What was the most recent group to receive the right to vote and what amendment secured this?

Eighteen year olds. Twenty sixth amendment.

Which group of Americans gained the right to vote under twenty-sixth amendment?

The African Americans we're able to vote when the twenty-sixth amendment came into place.

What group was given suffrage with the twenty -sixth amendment?

18 year olds... the 26th amendment gave this group the right to vote, NOT the 23rd!!!

Which group of americans gained the right to vote under the Twenty-sixth Amendment?

The African Americans we're able to vote when the twenty-sixth amendment came into place.

Which group of people was most directly affected by the Twenty-Sixth Amendment?

The right to vote changed from 21 to 18 years old.

Which constitutional amendment expanded the definition of citizenship to include women's right to vote?

the twenty sixth amendment - apex

Who is given the right to vote in the Twenty-third Amendment?

The Twenty-third Amendment granted residents of the District of Columbia the ability to vote in presidential elections.

Which amendment gives residents of Washington D.C. The right to vote?

The Twenty Third.

Is the right to hunt in the second amendment?

The Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting, and there is no right to hunt declared anywhere in the Constitution.

Which amendment gave residents of district or Columbia the right to vote in a presidential election?

23 amendment

Which amendment gives you the right to own firearms?

Second Amendment

which constitutional amendment expanded the right to vote?

twenty-fourth nineteenth Fifthteenth