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it made many attempts but failed

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Q: What happened when Portugal tried to conquer mogadishu?
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Which European country most often tried to conquer East African societies?


What two European countries tried to conquer and dominate Italy?

french and the spanish tried to conquer Italy, fighting each other in Italy for 30 years

What happened to the German soldiers who tried to conquer Russia?

Nazi invaders lost the war against the Soviet Union. They were killed.

What is a historical event that happened in Ecuador and also what is an interesting event that happened in Ecuador and What are facts about Ecuador.?

Peru tried to conquer Ecuador but Ecuador won although Ecuador lost much land.

Did Archimedes conquer the Persian Empire then tried to conquer India?

Archimedes did not conquer anything. He was a scientist, not a general or a politician.

Who tried to conquer Italy?

nick percola

What group tried to conquer Russia in the 1400?


Who tried unsuccessfully to conquer Italy?

nick percola

What group tried to conquer Russia in the 1400' s?


What empire tried to conquer Greece and failed?

The Persian empire.

What happened between Star Wars Episode I and Episode II?

In the first episode Trade Federation tried to conquer planet called Naboo, in the second episode the Clone wars started.

Who tried to imperialize Ethiopia?

Italy tried to imperialize Ethiopia. When the Italian people tried to conquer it, they were defeated because the Ethiopians were prepared.