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Q: What happened when the citizens of Napa passed small tax increases to pay for flood-mitigation activates?
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What did pericles think about citizens who did not particapate in politics?

He thought that they didn't have any business there at all. Ex: A poor man asks what happened. They don't listen or care about what he says.

What happened in St. Louis in 1790?

In 1790, in St Louis, farmers began selling off their farms and moving to nearby towns. By 1800, only 43-percent of the towns citizens remained.

Why did the stamp happen in the colonies?

The stamp act happened because the British Parliament decided it would be an effective way to raise money. They would use the stamp act to level direct taxes on the American Citizens.

What is the group that makes the formal selection of the nation's president?

Look up the electoral college process and you'll understand better. Hint: we pick, they pick. This happened because in colonial times, they couldn't decide who should pick the president: the "smart" people or citizens. Hope I helped....

Do US citizens vote directly for President?

No, actually they don't. During a presidential election, citizens vote for a member of a electoral college to cast their vote for them. States are given a number of votes based on the population of the state. For each vote a state has, a member of the electoral college is assigned to reflect the results of the people's vote. The scary thing is, the member of the electoral college does not necessarily have to vote in the light of the people. This system was put in place to prevent the people from voting in a dangerous tyrant into office! Although, in all of U.S. history, this has not happened...yet...

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What happened to the advisors of greek kings?

they became democratic citizens

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it decreases

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What happened to the intensity of solar energy as latitude increases?


Why did rationing happened?

Rationing happened because food needed to be sent to soldiers fighting in world wars 1 and 2. Ration books were given out to citizens so the citizens had limited food.

Can Sweden citizens remove leaders with whom they are dissatisfied?

Yes they can, and it has happened.

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Tidal volume increases.

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its acceleration will be increased

What happened to Carthage - both the citizens and the land itself?

The citizens were sold into slavery. The land was turned into a settlement for retired Roman veteran soldiers.

What happened as a result of new developments in these industries?

New jobs were available for citizens.