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Had President Nixon been impeached, the trial would have been held in the Senate where he would have been either convicted or acquitted.

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Q: What house of congress was going to convict President Nixon?
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Why do you have presidents?

Someone has to run the nation. The president is the person of the people. Without the president, who is going to think through all of the bills passed by congress? No one. Without the president, the country would be in turmoil because without a leader, the people are nothing.

Who is the only president to have gone through the entire impeachment process?

Andrew Johnson our 17th President also went though impeachment process but got cleared by one vote of the Senate. This happened twice, with Andrew Johnson and again with Bill Clinton. In both cases the Senate failed to convict, so the presidents remained in office until their terms expired.

What was the branch that declared war?

Congress votes on going to war, so the Answer is "Legislative".

Who is going to be your next president?

Sean Olivas

How can a legislative branch exert power over the other two branches?

It makes laws! Some powers it holds over the other branches are: As to the executive branch, it may impeach, convict and remover the president; it may override a presidential veto and it has the power of the purse to fund or not fund programs the president wants to put into place. As to the judicial branch the Senate must confirm nominations of people to be judges, it fixes the number of judges and justices in the courts; it fixes rules of procedure within the courts; it may impeach judges in the same way it may impeach a president. It also fixes the salaries of everyone in all branches although it may not reduce the salary of the president or most judges and all justices while they are serving.

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Which president resigned because Congress was going to impeach him?

Richard Nixon

What was going on when Richard M. Nixon was president?


Was Nixon the only person who had to resign?

Nixon was the only president to resign the office, yes. He was going to be tried by Congress, and his best legal advisers told him he would be convicted, which would bring huge shame on the presidency, so he finally decided to resign.

Who said I am no going to be the President who saw Southeast Asia go the way China went.?


Why did Nixon leave office?

Assured that the US Senate would vote to convict him, Richard Nixon resigned the Presidency on 9 August 1974 because of the watergate scandal. He was spying on the democrats during the election, which was illegal.

How did President Nixon travel within the US?

While in office whenever Nixon traveled within the United States he rode in a military helicopter. If he was going overseas he flew in Air Force One.

What wars were going on when Richard Nixon was president?

Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and in the Middle East; the Yom Kippur War.

Why do members of congress have special protection against arrest?

Members of Congress have protection from arrest while they are going to and leaving the house of Congress to vote. This prevents the president from using his executive powers to unduly control Congress.

What resulted in the resignation of President Nixon?

Geral Ford took the presidential oath of office.

Why did Richard Nixon resign before trial and what happened then?

Because he didn't want impeached (going to try him for what he did wrong in past) and then they selected a new president.

How many days does the president have to act on a bill sent to him by congress?

I'm going by memory, but I believe it is ten days.

What is the presidents act of saying no to a bill from Congress?

The President of the US has the duty to prevent laws passed by Congress from going into effect by using his powers to veto.