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Q: What impacts on American Government came from the enlightenment philosophers?
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What are the broad social questions often concerning the government's social control mechanisms and the impacts on those governed?

moral dilemmas

What impacts did the Second Great Awakening have on American Society?

The Second Great Awakening had a profound effect on American society in the early 19th century. It was a religious revival that spread throughout the country and it had far-reaching consequences that impacted various aspects of society. Below are some of the impacts that it had: It led to the growth of many new denominations such as the Baptists Methodists and Presbyterians. It sparked a period of religious fervor as people sought to convert others to their faith. It allowed for the spread of religious ideas such as the belief in a personal relationship with God. It encouraged people to become involved in social reform such as the abolition of slavery. It helped to shape the values of the American people as many of the ideas espoused during the Second Great Awakening have been incorporated into the American psyche.The Second Great Awakening had a significant impact on American society and its effects are still felt today. Its legacy can be seen in the religious landscape of the United States as well as in the values that many Americans hold dear.

Which best describes a major impact of the US Constitution?

The examples of how the US Constitution impacts are many. One good example is the US Supreme Court. As per the US Constitution, all laws in the nation must comply with the Constitution. Therefore a US state cannot make a treaty with a foreign government. It may not also declare war against another nation. These powers, as per the Constitution, are Federal duties.

Due process is the entitlement of a citizen to?

Usually refers to rights when subject to law enforcement or judicial action, or agency rulemaking that impacts the rights of citizens - due process meets constitutional requirements, referring to both procedure and substantial rights of citizens. For example, if a citizen has a legal right to land and the government needs to build a freeway through it, the government can't just take it, due process requires at least notice, fair market compensation and opportunity for judicial review of the decision-making.

How does congress impact your life?

As the branch of the government which makes and passes laws, levies taxes, as well as declares war, Congress impacts us more than any other part of the federal system. Our elected members of Congress are to represent our opinions, and vote for legislation that will be benefit us, and against that which does not. If they fail to do so, we have the ability, through the voting process, to replace them with someone else who will fulfill the goal.

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What were the impacts of the enlightenment?

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Describe how an action of the national government impacts the politics and government of Texas?

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What political impacts did the Enlightenment have on colonial America?

It shaped the thinking of future Revolutionary leaders in regards to the "rights of man."

Does illegal electrical connection impacts negatively on government revenue explain?

Not on government but on utility companys.

What are the negative impacts of the Devolution revolution?

The national government didn't want the federal government to keep telling them what to do.

How does the scope of American government compare to the scope of government in other countries?

1. The US The United States devotes a smaller percentage of its resources to government.2. The US does not have a national system of insurance.3.The US in general impacts it's citizens lives much less that other similar countries

Why is it important for students to learn what is happening in Egypt?

it impacts American diplomacy

What were the 3 major impacts of the enlightenment?

The Enlightenment led to increased emphasis on reason and science, resulting in advancements in many fields. It also promoted individual freedom and democracy, laying the foundation for modern political systems. Additionally, the Enlightenment challenged traditional authority and promoted tolerance, paving the way for social progress and human rights.

Which impact of the enlightenment is most important?

One of the most important impacts of the Enlightenment was the promotion of reason, individualism, and skepticism in challenging traditional authority and promoting democratic ideals. This laid the foundation for the modern concepts of liberty, equality, and human rights.

What impacts does Ebola have on society?

So far, Ebola has had no impact on American Society.

What are the impacts on Canadians by the Conservative party of Canada?

The Conservative Party has reduced taxes, rebuilt our military, streamlined government, made government more efficient, and cleaned up the government corruption created by the Liberal Party.

What are the broad social questions often concerning the government's social control mechanisms and the impacts on those governed?

moral dilemmas