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Q: What is A time when the good and bad aspects of a bill are discussed?
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What is the tense of is discussed?

The phrase - is discussed - is a be verb (is) plus a past participle (discussed).That makes this a passive verb phrase, and because the be verb is present tense it is a present passive verbphrase.Money is discussed very lunch time.

What has the author Allen C Bluedorn written?

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What are barriers to expanding the programs discussed?

The barriers to expanding the programs discussed includes the budget of the program and the time frame of programs.

What was Parliament voting on when Joe Clark's government fell?

Ultimately, the budget was voted on which failed to pass. Also being discussed at the time was The Freedom of Information Act, Bill C-15. This bill was later reworked and reintroduced by the Trudeau government as the Access to Information Act.

What happened to Bill Lawrence of Tiny Talent Time?

Reportedly, Bill Lawrence, the host of "Tiny Talent Time," is in good mental and physical shape and lives in Canada with his wife.

What theory of continental placement was being discussed during the time Wegener introduced his Pangea theory?

The Theory being discussed was "The Conrtaction Theory".

What is likely to be the enduring legacy of Bill Clinton in American politics.?

The enduring legacy of Bill Clinton in American politics is likely to be one of negativities relating to the controversy that took place during his time in the Oval Office. But it is important to recognize the positive aspects of BIll Clinton's time in American politics. For example, he is the last president to leave office with a balanced budget.

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What the reason of Bill of Rights?

lots good english. its was used along time ago to sustain the law