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James Bowie was a rebelious and adventerous fighter at the Alamo. But, a few days into the seige, he became fataly ill and had to pass command over to William B. Travis. more: He was from Kentucky, and although he was famous for, and made famous the Bowie knife, his brother was the one who actually invented it.

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Jim bowie

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Q: What is James bowie nickname?
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What was James Bowie's nickname?

James bowie

How did James bowie get his nickname?

he invented the bowie knife

What was Jim bowie like?

what character traits did james bowie have

Who made the bowie?

James bowie made the bowie knife.most people call James bowie Jim bowie. so keep that in mind

Who was James bowie during the Alamo?

James Bowie went to Texas because he wanted to smuggle slaves!

When did James Bowie die?

March 6, 1836 was when James bowie died.

When did James Bowie - botanist - die?

James Bowie - botanist - died in 1853.

Why did James bowie use the bowie knife?

James Black, a blacksmith, created bowie knife for James Bowie. Bowie's heroism caused the knife to become well known across the country, and that is why the name is the "Bowie knife," because it was the knife Jim used the most.

What were James bowie accoplishments?

the creation of the bowie knife

What was James bowie childhood like?

James Bowie's childhood revolved almost completely around his idol, David Bowie. James Bowie had run away to seek fame and fortune just like his new father-figure, David Bowie.

What special training hobbiessports did James bowie .?

what special training,hobbies,sports did james bowie

What is James bowie famous for?

James Bowie is *famous* 4 fighting at the Battle of the Alamo and 4 introducing the Bowie knife (his brother actually created it).