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He didn't have a middle name.

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Q: What is Leif Ericsson's full name?
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What was leif Ericssons main voyage?

To North America.

Who were leif Ericssons parents?

Erik the Red and Thjodhild.

What was leif ericssons father named?

Erik the Red.

What was leif Ericssons misson?

To find new lands to colonize.

Who was leif Ericssons sister?

He had a half sister named Freydis.

What was leif ericssons goal?

To find new lands to colonize.

Who is Leif Ericssons father?

Erik the Red

What Were Leif Ericssons Sibs?

Brothers Thorvald and Thorsteinn and half sister Freydis.

Why was leif ericssons work important?

He was the first European to land in North America.

What was leif Ericssons voyage?

He lead a group of Vikings, who became the first Europeans to land in America.

What was leif Ericssons sponsering country?

He wasn't sponsored. He sailed on his own (with his crew) from his home in Greenland.

When is leif Ericssons birthday?

The date of his birth is unknown, but he is believed to have been born in the year 970.