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the vigorous competition between Whigs and Democrats.AnswerThe Second Party System is the term that historians and political scientists give to the political system existing in the United States from about 1837 to 1852. It replaced the First Party System, and was followed by the Third Party System. The system was characterized by rapidly rising levels of voter interest starting in 1828, as shown in election day turnout, rallies, partisan newspapers, and a high degree of personal loyalty to party. The major parties were the Democratic Party, led by Andrew Jackson, and the Whig Party, a coalition of National Republicans, Anti-Masons, and other opponents of Jackson, led by Henry Clay. Minor parties included the Anti-Masonic Party, which was an important innovator from 1827-34, the Liberty Party in 1840, the Free Soil Party in 1848 and 1852, and the Know-Nothing Party in the 1850s. The Second Party System reflected and shaped the political, social, economic and cultural currents of the Jacksonian Era.


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Q: What is Second party system?
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I tried to gain a second presidential term and 1856 as a candidate of the American party although I was nominated by the party of the no nothings I was part of a system they promised to stop who am I?

Millard Fillmore

This political party turned the American two-party system into a three-party system?

the populist party

What countries have two party system?

The United States has a two-party system.

What sort of voting system normally is most likely to lead to a two-party political system?

I realize this is a standard question on someone's test, but in reality first-past-the-post voting does not always produce two-party systems. Although concern over splitting the electorate tends to consolidate parties in such a system, resulting in two major parties, there are usually minor parties waiting in the wings to become one of the major parties. In Britain, this role was played by the Liberal party, who grew in the 1980s to become a serious voice in British politics and held the balance of power after the 2010 election. In Canada, one of the major parties, the Conservatives, were practically wiped out in the 1993 election and a regional party, the Bloc Québecois, became the second largest party, and again, in 2011, the New Democratic Party, a third party, overtook the Liberal party to become the second party in Parliament.

During which time period did the Second Party System take place in American politics?

There never has been a fourth party. At times a third party has risen, but not lasted long. Teddy Roosevelt in 1912 tried a 3rd party run with the Bull Moose party. He was not successful. The two parties we have are very powerful with lots of money. I doubt we will get a third-party or fourth.