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1. Religion, Assembly, Speech, Press, Petition; the first thing you do is learn how to speak

2. Right to bear arms; bears have 2 arms

3. No quartering of troops unless there is war; 3's a crowd (it would be crowded if soldiers came and stayed at your house)

4. No search without a warrant; We searched 4 a warrant.

5. Due process and protection of property; I plead the 5th.

6. Fair and speedy trial; Speedy Six

7. Jury trial in civil cases; There are 27 Amendments and 7 deals with $20

8. No cruel and unusual punishment; Imagine 8 as a pair of handcuffs.

9. Rights not specifically mentioned in the Constitution should not be assumed not to exist; #9 makes more rights mine

10. Rights of the states; Austen Powers

11. Sovereign immunity; - the 1's are equal and so are states and they can sue each other

12. Electoral college reform; The 1,2 position (President is #1, VP is #2)

13. Slavery abolished; - at 13 you become a free man

14. Equal protection under law and due process of law; It abolishes the 3/5 Compromise and 4 is between 3 and 5.

15. Right to vote shall not be abridged because of color or previous servitude; 15 wrote that blacks can vote

16. Income tax; six: i stands for income, x stands for tax

17. Election of senators; SEventeen SEnators

18. Prohibition; No alcohol if you're 18.

19. Women's suffrage; At 19 you're already a woman, so you can vote

20. Terms of office for president and Congress; Moved inaugiration date to January 20.

21. Prohibition repealed; You can drink if you're 21

22. President term limits; Limits the president to(2) two(2) terms.

23. Washington DC suffrage; 3 votes 2 Washington DC

24. Poll taxes abolished; -

25. Presidential disability; 25 if he's alive

26. Voting at age 18; 2+6=8, 8+10=18

27. Congressional pay raises; the 27th amendment is the last amendment, and a pay raise for congress is the last thing we want.

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1- R.A.P.P.S [Religion, assembly, press, petition, speech]

2- right TWO bear arms

3- three's a crowd

5- i plead the fifth [ cant be tried twice for the same thing ]

6- speedy six

8- think of when you go to have to put handcuffs on and your hands balled up looks like a "8" and a "B" (Jail-Bail)

9- nine makes more rights mine

12- the 2 in twelve... 2 elections

13+14+15- [13]no more slaves and if ur not a slave ur a [14] citizen and citizens can [15] vote.

16- Income taX

sIx siX

19- womens sufferage. one women [1] nine months [9]

20- date moved to January 20th [or Obama is a lame duck]

22- TWO term office

23- DC and 23 go right after each other

24- voting is Free- For and Free

25- just think of santa falling off the chimey on dec. 25th. he would be unable to bring gifts and the president would be unable to serve

27- deals with money just think of money coming last.

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I would like to know this too, but I remember a movie that Melanie Griffith is in called Born Yesterday. This movie is a remake of the 1952 comedy classic and has shady real estate magnate John Goodman hiring reporter Don Johnson to smarten up flighty girlfriend Melanie Griffith so she can socialize with government VIPs on a business trip to Washington. What Goodman didn't expect was for Griffith to catch on so fast...or for her to fall for her handsome tutor. But, I remember her reciting a mnemonic device which helps remember each amendment in this movie. I believe it is a rhyme. So, since there are no other answers here, I will attempt to get that movie for the remembering device, and if anyone finds it first, please post it here.

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Copyrights go to rightful owner

Apple- when you put an apple in your mouth you cant talk, Freedom of religion, speech, press, and assembly; the right to petition the government.

Banana- its like a gun, right to bear arms

Couch-is in your house, troops can't quarter in your home

Daylight-you need light to search, no search or seizure

Egg-has double g you can't be tried twice for the same thing

Frisbee- is fast, right to a speedy trial

Gate-jury is behind something like a gate, trial by jury

Horse- when you do something to a horse it can be a cruel or unusual punishment, no cruel or unusual punishment

Ice cream- you have many choices of ice cream; addresses rights of the people that are not specifically enumerated

Jackrabbit- a rabbit that is easily found in Arizona; powers not granted to the National government nor prohibited to the states are reserved to the states and to the people. (OK, this one is kind of hard; the author was from Arizona.)

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