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Dreadnought, or Battleship

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A fleet. The term flotilla is also used sometimes.

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Q: What is a large group of warships called?
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A large group of warships is called?

an armada

What is a group of warships called?

A convoy

What is a large group of warships?

A fleet. The term flotilla is also used sometimes.

A small group of Warships is called?

Dutch: eskader English: squadron

How did the Washington naval disarmament conference help support world peace efforts in the 1920s?

world leaders agreed to limit construction of large warships.

Name for a fleet of warships?

A fleet of warships is usually called a fleet, and it includes many auxiliary vessels as well as warships to keep the fleet supplied and operational. Over the centuries smaller units of warships have been known by various names; task force, task group, flotilla, squadron, armada, and others.

What is a collection of ship called?

A collection or group of ships is called a fleet. There are more specific terms for a group of ships. A substantial group of warships is called a naval fleet while a group of small ships is called a flotilla.

What was a Spanish fleet?

A "fleet" is a large organised group of naval warships often under the command of a single commander, so a "spanish" fleet" would be the same though comprised of Spanish warships and Spanish crew, quite simply

what is large group of islands called?

An 'archipelago' means 'a large group of islands'

What are large and dangerous fish called?

A group of large fish is called a hunt

When researchers survey part of a large group what is the name of the group that they survey?

A sample! And the large group is called the population.

What is the huge group of fishes called?

A large group of fishes is often called a school.