What is a orcle?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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a orcle is a antiont future teller from the greeks

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Q: What is a orcle?
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Tell me..... what are the dbms are mostly used in the industry?

Some examples are SQLServer , MySQL, Orcle

Is ther any website were you can play The legend of Zelda a link to the past Orcle of ages seasons and links awakening online?


Which corporations in the United States are the most philanthropic?

The corporations in the United States that are most philanthropic are Pfizer, Orcle, Merck, Google, Wal-Mart, and Microsoft. If a company is philanthropic that means that are giving.

What do you get from orcle in Poptropica?

The Oracle of Delphi gives you a hint as to where the hidden vase is. Then, after you return the vase, she will give you hints as to where other missing objects are, but only in repeating order from the earliest time period to the most recent time period

When does the next camp halfblood come out?

It comes out in the fall of 2010. It is about the Second Great Prophecy told by Rachel Elizabeth Dare ( the orcle of Delphi) in the last book. The prophecy is: Seven half-bloods shall answer the call. To storm of fire, the world must fall. An oath to keep with final breath, And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death.

How cas we allow for each user to have 3 concurrent sessions on orcle?

This can be done by using a "profile" To implement a 3 session hard limit for each user in the database, perform the following: Login to the DB as SYS via SQLPlus Once there run the following: alter system set RESOURCE_LIMIT=true scope=both; create profile sesslimit limit sessions_per_user 3; For each user you wish to implement the new limit on you will need to do the following: alter user <username> profile sesslimit;

What is SGA in orcle?

SGA stands for System Global Area in Oracle. It is a shared memory region that contains data and control information for Oracle instance. SGA is divided into components such as buffer cache, shared pool, and redo log buffer, which are used to efficiently manage database operations and improve performance.

Does Percy Jackson die in the last olympian?

Charles Beckenford gets blown up by explosives as he sacrifises himself for the destruction of an enire army of Kronos. Percy Jackson finds out that his DAD cant help the other Olympians with the gigantic monster Typhon. Then he discovers the real prophecy which he thinks means that he is going to dies. Then he baths in the rivers Styx and becomes invincible except in his spine after he shadow travels with Nico di Angleo. After that the war against the Titans is on and Percy destroys the minotaur after destroying an entire army of monsters. At the end the war is won and Percys father ends his war and destroys Typhon. Well then Percy is given an offer of becoming a god- which he rejects! Finally his date dumps him and turns into the Oracle. on the end Percy and Annabeth reveal their true feelings for each other ans now they are bf and gf