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Q: What is a representative government in which no leaders inherit office?
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How is Brazil governed and are the people allowed to vote for their leaders?

They used to be ruled by an empire but now a days they have a Representative Government & vote for presidents. They just got a new president & she's the 1st female ever in office.

What in a system govermant people elect public office-holders to make laws and conduct government on their behalf?

Representative government

How do leaders become leaders in a monarchy government?

they are born into office like how a king becomes a king, he is part of the royal family.

What authorithy do the people hold?

the right to create policy, chage the government, and remove leaders from office.

Where is the unemployment office?

This question depends solely on where you live. Call your local government representative and ask them or pick up a phone book to find the closest office.

Do women have rights in a Representative democracy?

It depends on the policies and where the government is (country). In the United States, women do have rights and do hold office.

How many people voted for Edmund Barton?

Edmund Barton was not voted into office He was appointed by the British Government. It was not until after a government of Australia was formed that there could be an election for representative's

In the government of the Roman Republic two leaders make up the executive branch?

The two leaders were called the counsuls and they held office for one year.

How long is US representative term of office?

A United States Representative term of office is 2 years.

May a person inherit the benefits of holding public office from an ancestor?

May a person inherit the benefits of holding public office from an ancestor and what article of US Constitution?

What does the office of the US trade representative advise the president on?

Office of the U.S. Trade Representative

What is the office term of office of a representative?

The term of office for arepresantive is two years