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Much of the Japanese Constitution is based on the US Constitution.

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Q: What is a source for the ideas outlined in the Japanese constitution?
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What was the source of ideas for the farmers of the Constitution?


What ideas did the Japanese adopt from the west?

A constitution and a mechanized army.

Which of the following was not a major source of ideas for the constitution?

d. Spanish colonial law

What enlightenment Ideas influenced the constitution?

Rationalismwas advocated as the primary source and Legitimacyfor Authority

What ideas of sovereignty were outlined in the Essex result?

because they felt like it

How did Montesquieu's ideas influence the US Constitution?

Montesquieu published the book On The Spirit of Laws in 1748, which outlined his ideas on freedom and how government should work. He concluded that a government elected by the people was the best form, but it depended on maintaining the right balance of power. Like Locke, Montesquieu endorsed a separation of powers.

How did the constitution and bill of rights reflect the enlightenment ideas?

how did the constitution and the Bill of Rights reflects enlightenment ideas

What is The largest source of new product ideas?

The largest source of new product ideas is

How is federalism incorporated in constitution?

The entire constitution has Federalist ideas and concepts.

What does Common Sense have to do with the Constitution?

It has nothing to do with the constitution other than expressing the ideas that will be used in the constitution.

What was not a major source of ideas for the Constitution?

The Magna Carta and England's unwritten constitution is a major source. The works of John Locke and other Englightenment philosophers is another. The founder's experiences in the Revolution and with the Articles of Confederation were also important. In terms of specifics, the Federalist Papers that Adams, Madison, and Jay wrote were very important.

How did the constitution build the ideas of Montesquieu?