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The Decleration Of Independence

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Q: What is a tacit agreement between the governed and government?
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When silence amounts to agree?

In Law that is described as a "tacit admission" or "tacit agreement."

Is tacit agreement lawful in south Africa?


Fill in the blanks. T_c__t?

Tacit - adj - understood without being explained. Your tacit agreement to society's laws means you should follow them.

How do you use tacitly in a sentence?

(tacit = understood without being said or otherwise expressed)"He had a tacit agreement with the police that he would not be arrested if he helped to identify the ringleaders.""She gave her tacit approval to the change by not rejecting the board's plan."

What is the difference between cartel and collusion?

A cartel is a formal agreement between companies to control the price of a commodity or product etc - like OPEC. Tacit collusion occurs when companies make an informal agreement to fix prices (i.e. they do this without letting their competitors or official bodies know). Your confusion might arise from the fact that members of a Cartel (an officially organised group) can still engage in unofficial agreements (tacit collusion), although it is usually firms outside a cartel who do this

What is tacit technology?


What part of speech is tacit?

The word "tacit" is an adjective.

What is a synonym for intangible?

tacit tacit

What is the difference between express and tacit consent?

Express consent is when you actively go for consent.Tacit consent is when you passively accept consent.Added: To be more precise with the definition:Express consent is when you actively agree (either by voice or in writing) that you are in accord with a certain course of action.Tacit consent is assumed when you don't actually state your agreement, but raise no objection (in voice or in writing) to a certain course of action (i.e.; by standing 'mute).

What was the 'tacit treaty' between Scout and Miss Maudie in To Kill a Mockingbird?

The "tacit treaty" between Scout and Miss Maudie in "To Kill a Mockingbird" was an unspoken agreement to communicate openly and honestly with each other, especially about difficult topics like understanding Boo Radley and dealing with judgment in their community. Miss Maudie served as a mentor figure for Scout, offering guidance and support in navigating the complexities of their small town.

How do you tacit on a clarinet?

Tacit means you don't play.

What is Tacit Software's population?

The population of Tacit Software is 30.