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The Justices of the U.S. Court can reverse the decision of a lower court.

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Q: What is an accurate description of the appellate jurisdiction of the US Supreme Court?
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What jurisdiction does the Nevada supreme court?

Appellate jurisdiction

What is a meaningful sentences for appellate jurisdiction?

The Supreme Court has the power of appellate jurisdiction, or to revise an appealed case.

What kind of jurisdiction does the US Supreme Court have over cases related to Congressional legislation?

co-appellate jurisdiction

Which courts have original and appellate jurisdiction?

supreme court

Does a juvenile court have appellate jurisdiction?

No, but Supreme Court does.

What can exercise both original and appellate jurisdiction?

the Supreme Court.

Who decides which appellate cases the US Supreme Court will hear?

Congress has authority to set or change the US Supreme Court's appellate jurisdiction. The Supreme Court itself has full discretion over which cases it chooses to hear under its appellate jurisdiction.

Did the Supreme Court have original or appellate jurisdiction in Brown v Board of Eduction?

The US Supreme Court heard Brown v. Board of Education,(1954) under its appellate jurisdiction.

Which courts have both appellate and original jurisdiction?

The U.S. Supreme Court.

Where did US Supreme Court receive its appellate jurisdiction?

The Constitution and CongressArticle III of the Constitution lists the classes of cases over which the US Supreme Court may exercise appellate jurisdiction; Congress has some ability to change this jurisdiction.

What contributes most to the workload of the supreme court?

Cases from its appellate jurisdiction.

Which federal courts exercise both original and appellate jurisdiction?

Supreme court