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An Autocratic Government is when there is one ruler, e.g. in Russia from the 1600's-1917 there was on tsar (emperor) who is all powerful over the country. There is no way for changing an autocratic rulers mind because they believe they are there on God's will. Below the ruler there would be a small contingency of a government and then the rest would have no power whatsoever. there would be no vote because political parties are illegal.

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An authoritarian government is the form of government based on the principle of requiring obedience to the authority of one person or a small group of people. Other people must be obedient to the will of the government, and they have little or no influence over the decisions made by the government. Authoritarian government involves a "top-down" command structure, often with elements of a military or quasi-military Dictatorship.

To be classed as an authoritarian or single party sate, a country or state will have the following:

-Only one legal political party

-A leader often chosen by/from the military following a coup

-A leader or group who controls the state even though there may be other parties.

Overall, authoritarian and single-party states have the following

characteristics in common:

-Little or no freedom of speech

-No freedom of assembly; unable to hold meetings without the approval of the government

-No freedom of movement; individuals need documents/internal passports to move around inside the country

-No freedom to travel abroad

-No independent judicial system

-All sources of information are censored (e.g., media)

-Any opposition to the regime is harshly punished

Not all such authoritarian or single-party states have these characteristics, and some may be more or less oppressive than others. However, all will exercise strict control over the freedom of the people and will use a variety of methods to hold onto power.

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In an autocratic government, one person rules as a dictator.

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Strict obedience from their citizens and do not allow individual freedom of judgement and action.

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An authoritarian is a person who demands obedience to his or her authority, or, rarely, a person who is excessively obedient to authority.

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Vladimir Putin is an example of authoritarian leadership. One man fully in control of a country making decisions with no checks and balances is authoritarian rule.

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Q: What is an authoritarian government?
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An authoritarian government is usually evidence of what?

An authoritarian government is usually evidence of single-party rule.

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YES, TRUE. The two types of authoritarian governments are dictatorships and totalitarianism. So yes, it's an authoritarian government.

Is china a authoritarian governemnt?

Yes, it is an excellent example of an authoritarian government.

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An authoritarian government usually has the effect of limiting the growth of the prosperity of that society.

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Authoritarian government is a government similar to dictatorial government but it is better because it proritized the needs of the people!

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There are a few countries in the world that have an authoritarian government. A few of the countries are China, Vietnam, and Russia.

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in an authoritarian government, the leaders of the government have absolute power.

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yes totalitarianism is a form of authoritarian government,because it involve absolute power and authority without caring the which of people.

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Authoritarian governments have permission to do whatever while the US government have limitations on what they are allowed to do and the citizens make most of the decisions.