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Q: What is another name for Whigs?
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What was the first name of the democratic party?


Another name for a whig statesman?

The Whigs were the liberals (progressives), seeking to move away from royalty and priviledge into a more democratic society. They were the opposite of the "Tories" (conservatives).

What came first whigs or republicans?


Why were Northern Whigs known as cotton Whigs?

The whigs from the North were known as Conscience Whigs and those of the South were known as Cotton Whigs. The ones in the north opposed slavery except for the factory owners, which liked slavery die to the cheap cotton. the Southern Whigs supported slavery and wished to expand it into the territories.

When did Patriot Whigs end?

Patriot Whigs ended in 1803.

Which political party was opposed to war with Mexico?

The Whigs.

Conscience Whigs were Northern Whigs Who?

Opposed slavery

In the American Revolution did the Tories or the Whigs want the Americans to win the war?


What is the difference between Conscience and Cotton Whigs?

Conscience Whigs were a faction within the Whig Party in the US that opposed slavery on moral grounds. Cotton Whigs, on the other hand, were Whigs who supported slavery and were more concerned with economic interests related to the cotton industry.

Which group of Georgians were most against slavery during the colonial period?


What political party drew their support from former whigs?

Most of the first Republicans were former Whigs.

Why did the Whigs throw president out of their party?

Because he failed to live up to the Whigs expectations . -A.M.G