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To be blacklisted was to have your name placed on a list of people who would not be hired by those who agreed with the paranoia of McCarthyism. The entertainment industry was particularly affected by the blacklist.

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Q: What is blacklisted in regards to McCarthyism?
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Blacklisted entertainers were victims of?


The blacklisted entertainers were victims of a hunt for communists led by a Senator from Wisconsin.?


The blacklisted entertainers were victims of a hunt for communists led by a Senator from Wisconsin?


How did the Red Scare influence the US?

The Red Scare led to McCarthyism where ordinary citizens could be blacklisted, or prevented from getting a job, if they were suspected of being a communist.

How many people were accused of McCarthyism?

over 9000!!! ^yeah I don't think so, I am researching McCarthyism and the play by Arthur Miller, The Crucible, and somewhere along the way i saw that there were more than 320 people accused, of course this could just be the artists that were blacklisted. I will try to update this if i find a better answer

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You could be blacklisted.

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